Why is It Important to do a Private Blood Test?

book a blood test in Bedford

Regular blood tests are a crucial way to monitor your overall physical health. These tests can give you the information you need to make informed health decisions and track how your body changes over time. Keep reading to find out how to book a blood test in Bedford at our pharmacy.

What can blood tests detect?

Blood tests can be used by your pharmacist or doctor to assess how well your body’s organs are working. They can identify problems with your kidneys, thyroid, liver, or other organs.

Your healthcare provider may use blood tests to check for potential abnormalities and diseases, including:

– Coronary heart disease

Even if a person does not currently have heart disease, a blood test can establish whether they are at risk of developing it. Other blood tests can assess how well your blood clots or the effectiveness of the medications you’re taking.

What type of blood test can I book in Bedford?

Whether you have observed changes in how you feel or are simply interested in what is occurring inside your body, we have the test for you. You may look into important aspects of your health that have an immediate effect on your well-being with our simple finger-prick blood tests. Let’s take a closer look at a few typical blood tests.

Blood cholesterol test

A fatty substance called cholesterol is mostly created by the liver from the fatty meals you eat. Cholesterol is necessary for the body to function normally.

However, a high cholesterol level can make it more likely for fatal conditions such as heart attacks and strokes to occur.

book a blood test in Bedford

Blood culture

A tiny sample of blood must also be taken from a vein in your arm, and at least one other area of your body in order to perform this test.

In order to encourage bacterial growth, nutrients are added to the samples. This can help identify whether there are any bacteria in your blood.

Blood gases test

A sample of blood gas is taken from an artery, usually at the wrist. It is only done in hospitals and is very uncomfortable for the patients.

The pH balance of your blood, the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in your blood, and the amounts of acid and alkali in your blood are all measured by a blood gas test.

Blood glucose (blood sugar) tests

Diagnosing and keeping track of diabetes requires a number of tests. These tests measure the blood’s glucose (sugar) content.

Blood typing

This test is done to ascertain your blood group before giving blood or having a blood transfusion.

If you receive blood that does not match your blood group, your immune system can attack the red blood cells. Complications that could be fatal could result from this.

What are the benefits of booking a private blood test in Bedford?

The following are some benefits of obtaining your specimen from a private blood test lab:

Quicker results

You can feel anxious if a public lab or clinic takes several days to return the results of your blood test. A private lab can deliver your results in as little as 24 hours, giving you the necessary information and letting you relax.

Increased convenience

Public institutions, including public blood services, typically have specific hours that align with your work schedule. If you go to a public clinic for a blood test, you may need to take time off work and face long lines.

Private laboratories, on the other hand, accept appointments and are open on weekends. Thus, a quick and easy blood test can fit even individuals with the busiest schedules. Consider going private if time is something you value highly.

Better privacy

Only a private lab can provide a more discreet experience. Scheduled visits, the option of mobile pickup, and a quieter setting enable increased discretion.

No burden on the public health system

Another important reason in favour of going private is that it reduces pressure on the public health system. The COVID-19 outbreak, which has impacted services at all levels, has already put a strain on our public health system’s resources. You can get better care by using private services, freeing up the public health system for people who actually need it.

book a blood test in Bedford

How to book a blood test in Bedford     

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