Why is the Yellow Fever Vaccination Important?

Travel with yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire

There is a highly effective vaccine that can prevent you from getting yellow fever if you travel to a region where the disease is common.  It’s imperative to avoid bug bites even if you have received a vaccination since insects like mosquitoes can spread other dangerous infections. Continue reading to learn more about the yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire.

Who should have the yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire?

Anyone above the age of 9 who is travelling to the following countries is advised to get vaccinated against yellow fever.

– A country where yellow fever is a concern, including Trinidad in the Caribbean, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
– A nation that mandates you present a certificate attesting to your yellow fever vaccination.

You should have the vaccination at least ten days prior to your trip to provide enough time for it to take effect.

After obtaining the MMR shot, you or your child must consider waiting four weeks before receiving the yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccination should be given if a 4-week gap cannot be maintained. However, you should consider getting a second dose of MMR at a later date. For people who are still at risk, the yellow fever vaccination can be administered again at a personal level.

yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire

Vaccinations for seniors – 60 years and above

If you are 60 years of age or older, you are eligible to receive the yellow fever vaccination, but only if you are in good physical condition, are aware of the risks associated with immunisations, and your destination provides a genuine risk of yellow fever virus (rather than getting the vaccine just for certificate reasons). Your pharmacist or doctor will discuss your risk of contracting an illness at your destination and potential vaccine side effects with you to help you make an informed decision regarding vaccination.

How long does the protection against yellow fever last?

The yellow fever vaccine gives the majority of people lifetime protection from yellow fever.

A second dose of the vaccination is advised for a very small percentage of persons who travel to areas where yellow fever poses a danger. This includes those who already received a vaccination but:

– Were pregnant
– Had a compromised immune system
– Were younger than two years old
– Had a bone marrow transplant later on

Get in touch with us if you’re uncertain whether you require a second dose before travelling.

Travel with yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire

Who cannot receive the yellow fever vaccine?

Some people are not eligible to receive the yellow fever vaccine despite recommendations.

Those who are ineligible for the vaccine include:

– Infants (less than six months old).
– Those with compromised immune systems, such as those with lymphoma or leukaemia.
– Patients whose immune systems have been compromised as a result of medical interventions like chemotherapy and steroid use.
– Individuals with allergies to any of the vaccine’s components, particularly those with egg allergies.
– People who experienced a severe reaction to an earlier dose of the yellow fever vaccine.
– People who have had their thymus gland removed or who have thymus gland illness.
– Senior citizens visiting nations where the yellow fever vaccine is not typically advised.
– Individuals who have close relatives who have experienced a severe vaccination reaction, such as organ or brain damage.

Which countries require the vaccine?

Travellers from countries where yellow fever is present to nations where transmission may occur often need to show proof of immunisation (and sometimes for travellers passing through such countries).

What are the side effects of the yellow fever vaccine?

People who have received the yellow fever vaccine are less likely to experience negative effects than those who have not.

Following immunisation, up to one in three individuals experience:

– A headache
– Muscle pain
– A rise in the temperature
– Inflammation around the injection site

These side effects typically go away after two weeks.

Rarely, a person could encounter more severe side effects, like an allergic reaction to one of the vaccine’s components.

yellow fever vaccine in Bedfordshire

Can I travel without the vaccine? 

If there is a contraindication to the vaccination, a medical professional may not be able to vaccinate you. A similar situation can potentially arise if it is determined that the danger of serious vaccination side effects outweighs the chance of contracting a disease. In certain circumstances, a medical exemption certificate may be given if the risk of disease is deemed to be low. This should only be done with your permission.

– A medical exemption certificate is only valid for one journey.
– You should try to avoid mosquito bites while travelling because the shot won’t protect you from any infections caused by these bugs.
– Your assessment must be updated on subsequent journeys.

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